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Ist Level - Counselling of Parents

Parents/guardians fulfill a primary role in the lives of their children. Collaboration with parents in the best interest of students is a key activity of school counselors. Parenting can be very challenging. At our institution we take regular counselling sessions of the parents to help them understand the issues faced by their children and give them suggestions to deal with the issues at hand in the most effective manner.


IInd Level - Counselling of Students

The school has special counselling facility for the students on regular basis. The children can also drop in letters which are immediately taken care of by the counsellor. The Principal and the Counsellors work together towards providing timely counselling to the students. 


IIIrd Level - Life Skills, Attitude and Values

Monthly Activity on Life Skills, values and attitude

Every month, one value based activity is provided to the school by the counselor. For example, in the month of April, the activity was on ‘Joy of giving’. In the month of May and June, the activity was on dignity of labour. The teachers are provided with detailed instruction on how to conduct the activity and then, they share their experience on the stage. 

Teaching associated with life skills, attitudes and values
Teaching associated with life skills, attitudes and values: The teachers in school incorporate life skills and values in day to day classroom teaching. Education is not only limited to bookish knowledge but encompasses life skills like decision -interpersonal skills, communication skills etc. and values like tolerance, love and peace. Teachers associate these desirable values with the lesson. 
Morning Assembly
 Each day in morning assembly, the student counsellors take up some topic to stimulate positive thoughts and actions. These topics are related to famous personalities who have had an impact on the world like Florence Nightingale or Vivekananda. For e.g.- Why  Florence Nightingale used to carry owl in her pocket? She used to carry  an owl to inspire her to wake up at night and work for the injured soldiers. The student counsellor then briefs that the students should also seek for some inspiration to reach to their goal. 
 The school gives an opportunity to the students to have a first hand experience in institutions like ‘ Old Age Homes’ , ‘ Blind school’, ‘ Bird Hospital’. These visits help to inculcate empathy and develop sensitivity in children.