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From the humble beginning we made in 1986, we have achieved many memorable milestones and we are proud that our school is a desired destination for students, teachers and parents alike.  The school is leaving no stone unturned in providing world class facilities for the students who will be the ultimate beneficiaries.  We are committed to develop knowledgeable, discipline, creative, ethical and thoughtful individuals who value cultural heritage and the foresight to meet future challenges.  Our focus is always on the creation of quality learning spaces through the seamless integration of physical spaces and learning processes.  Children are highly capable and keen to reach beyond the skies.  Their wings are powered with infrastructural and curricular space to experiment with their intellect and the world around.


The Local Managing Committee is constituted by the DAV College Managing Committee in accordance to DSEAR 1973.  It consists of the representatives of the management,  D.E. and Advisory Board Nominees as nominated by Directorate of Education, teachers representative  and parent representative.  The fee structure for the next session, the budget approval of the school expenditure and all the major decisions were discussed and approved.


Since the role of PTA is very important for the overall growth of the school, therefore they are actively involved in the important decisions in regard to the total development of the young impressionable minds.  For example, during this Covid situation, their important version regarding the On-line and Off-line classes was taken and  implemented accordingly. 


Our school has registered a remarkable performance in the class X and XII CBSE Examinations 2020-21

QPI – 88.98


Science Stream: Yash Singla - 98.8%

Commerece Stream: Eshika Gupta - 98.6%

Humanities Stream: Vridhi Sharma - 98.2%

Vocational Stream: Arya Verma - 90.4%

No. of students secured 90% and above - 182 nos.

Class X

Dev Kankaani - 99.6%

Total no. of A1 in all subjects - 29 nos.


Ayush Roy of class X got overall fourth rank in Mukhyamantri Vigyan Pratibha Pariksha(known as JSTSE) and would receive the scholarship for higher studies by the Delhi Govt.

Our students had achieved the prestigious ranks at the national level Science Olympiads as well. 

Daiwik Kumar of class IV won the cash prize of Rs.2500 in the Mind Wars Olympiad conducted by ZEE Entertainment Ltd, cash prize of Rs.1000 with Silver Medal in International Mathematics Olympiad, cash prize of Rs.500, medal of Distinction in G.K. Olympiad, Gold Medal of Excellence in English Olympiad conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF).

Arunima Mehendiratta of class VII received Gold Medal in International English Olympiad.

Many students had received the cash prize and medals at the national level in the Kidex National Allrounder Championship.


The school had organized the Tree Plantation Drive in the vicinity by planting 500 saplings.  Apart from this, since the on-line classes are going on, the students were encouraged to plant a tree at their places.  The students shared their activity of planting a sapling on the virtual platform followed by the encouraging speeches and poems by the students for the Clean and Green Environment.  Students were made aware of the utility of Eco-Visarjan of the clay idols of Ganesh Chaturthi.

During the festive season of Diwali, the school took an initiative to spread an awareness message to the students through a virtual platform regarding the no use of crackers.


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected educational system worldwide, leading to the closure of schools and other institutions. But even during this crucial time, DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar was in constant pursuit to adapt to the change and make learning fun, effective and engaging through online classes for its learners.


• IP WEBCAM – used to online stream the formation of numbers, akshars, vyanjans, alphabets as written by teacher for better understanding.

• WHITE BOARD- used as a chalkboard in virtual set up.

• FLIPGRID- used as a tool to develop vocabulary and speaking skills of the students. Also used as a platform to develop creative expression of students. Teachers created “class wise groups” to facilitate submissions of videos of students for example: rhyme recitation, show & tell, Role play, Story Narration, Dance, Clay play etc.

• WAKELET- served the purpose of school diary and was used to streamline the tasks given to students along with links to support learning in different domains. 3

• VIDEO TUTORIALS – Teachers created various tutorials to explain different concepts like Alphabet commands, Rhymes, who am I, Pre-mathematical concepts-Colors, Matching, Pairing Numbers, Shapes, Yoga. etc • PADLET- used as class bulletin board to show appreciations for students & promote socio-emotional development.

• VIRTUAL DICE GAME was used to recognize and relate number concept with actions. For example: Numbers and action words

• PICKER WHEEL was used for enhanced fun and curiosity. Like random picking of names, action words, letters, numbers, vyanjans etc.

• KAHOOT- Game based quizzing app was used to recapitulate the concepts done like identifying the initial sound, counting the fruits, identifying tools of the helps, associating vyanjan with pictures etc

• VIRTUAL TOUR- was given to students about teach about Animal kingdom and Nature.

• BOOK WIDGET- used for sequencing activities. For example: Numbers, Step by step cards, Vyanjans

• MIND MAPS – used for explaining concepts like uses of water, types of fruits & vegetables

• BITMOJI- Food, Monaco bites

• BOOK CREATOR- To Explain different concept in a flow. Eg.Opposites, Action words, Numbers, Colours, Alphabets

• CANVA-Used for creating exciting invites for students for special days. 2. Learning By Doing


  1. Flip grid were provided to improve the academic and digital literacy skills of students.
  2. Virtual Field Trips
  3. Experiential Art Integrated activities engaged students in a creative process of learning.
  4. Live Worksheets
  5. Weekly Themes to develop socio emotional skills of students


  1. FLIPGRID- This app helps to facilitate video discussions. Students can upload their videos and reply to each other’s videos. The tool is quite simple to use and quite engaging while lessons. WAKELET- This app helps to save, organize and present multimedia content with students.
  2.  AUDIO/VISUALTOOLS: Animated and interactive learning videos are used for better understanding of topics amongst students.
  3. Wake let: facilitates and supports educational communities by allowing the presentation of engaging educational content in a format that is easy to access and follow.

STUDENTS REFLECTION CHECKLIST ON MS FORMS is created using LIKERT to identify students grey areas and accordingly remedial measures are taken.           

ASSESSMENT: Students knowledge is assessed using various apps

  1.    live worksheets (self-correcting interactive assignments)
  2.  Students upload their small videos showcasing their creative work and its explanation on flip Grid.
  3. QUIZZIZ- An excellent platform to hold live quiz with children wherein they can see their ranking based on their performance.
  4. KAHOOT- A tool used for holding quizzes in an interesting manner. It develops the spirit of Competitiveness among students and generates interest as i is a new way of learning.
  5. QUESTT APP: For assigning extra practice questions.
  6. MS FORMS: For testing the students learning outcomes through small test and exams.

VIRTUAL BOARD: PADLET- It is a digital tool that helps teachers and students by offering a single place for notice board. This digital notice board can feature images, links, videos, documents, and opinions all collated on a wall. It is an interactive space regarding everyday virtual assembly, thought for the day and can be used as class notice board with specific topics.


I) On-line quizzes like Kahoot, MS quiz forms, google forms, quizzes .com

II) Virtual trips to museums, art galleries etc.

III) Live worksheets

IV) Mathematical techniques like geo gebra(create lesson), virtual /open board.

V) One note book for cw and hw correction

VI) On –line steaming.

VII) Word wall

VIII) Class kick

IX) Near Pod


Using technology ...different apps and tools

*Writing pad - for better explanation

* Web camera - for demonstration

*Padlet -online notice board

*PPT - for better learning of  different topics

*Wordwall_ for interactive and printable activities

*Rubrics - for assessment

*Kahoot -for Quizand games

*MS Forms- for question *papers and tests

*You tube video for further learning

*Activities and projects - for interesting learning

*audio and videos - for listening and speaking

* interactive sessions and showcasing talent sessions eg cooking ,gardening music etc

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