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At DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar, it is our sincere effort to impart holistic education so as to nurture all our students into all rounded characters – physically, mentally, spiritually and academically. To make this mission of ours a fruitful one, the evaluation system at primary level is child friendly and is in adherence to the CBSE guidelines. The evaluation is continuous and comprehensive.

The continuous and comprehensive evaluation would be spread over the year in three cycles.

For class III, the evaluation is based on activities, assessments and formal cycle tests.


The students will be assessed through activities and assignments throughout the year. In languages, activities will be based on the listening, reading, speaking and writing skills of the child. In Maths, the activities will assess the mathematical aptitude of the child. In Science and Social Studies, the activities will develop the environmental sensitivity, scientific skills, understanding of concepts and their application.

For Co-curricular activities like computer, art, craft, music, dance, games and yoga the child’s interest, participation and performance will be observed and assessed.

Note : In case of absence in pen and paper test, the student would be given an average score.


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