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In endeavor to make our students better human each day we strive towards holistic education. As a part of this we often expose our students to places where they learn being empathetic. Here, we share some moments where our students met elderly people at an old age home named “Shashiraj Foundation Vridha Ashray Griha”. Our students spent around two hours daily for two weeks there which drastically helped in bringing major change in their perceptions towards elderly. Both students and elderly people there loved each other’s company. Students learnt that elder people need nothing more than their little unconditional time to stay happy and in return shower them with blessings. We did many activities with them over the period of 2 weeks like, singing , dancing, antakshri, story-telling and listening, drama enactment, diwali decoration, makeup rounds, decorating diyas and coffee mugs, and many more. Students also loved helping them with their simple chores; making breakfast for them; making fruit chat; distributing sweets , juices, pastries, samosa, biscuits, etc; and also some small  useful gifts like handtowels, woolen socks, hankerchiefs, bangles, earrings, etc as  per their likings. We wish to visit them again very soon.



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