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The school not only imparts academic and subject knowledge but grooms its students in their individual talents too. They are encouraged to realize and nurture their inherent creativity. The school has different clubs where special attention is given and students are groomed be it elocution, literary areas or any other field. An exposure to creative inputs from fellow students and guided by able teachers leads a child to develop a healthy and positive attitude towards appreciating other’s creativity as also being a better judge of one’s own. 


Al-chemists – the Science Club

The Science Club – Al-chemists heightens the scientific temperament of the members through interesting and creative activities like performing experiments, making working models, preparing posters, making photo frames on scientists, bookmarks with interesting facts of science, wall hangings, charts other than preparing a scrap file and writing a report on Carbon Footprint. 
The members of the club made a model for the CBSE exhibition the synopsis of which is ‘Nutrizest’. This included preventive Herbal Medicines like Asthma Syrup, Nutralicious Atta containing vegetable peels, Eye Tonic made of Khuskhus, badam, Safed mirch and crystal sugar and other Health Supplements.   

Dhwani – the Music Club

Dhwani is the Music Band of the school and has about 100 students as its members who are passionate musicians and are part of the school orchestra. The school orchestra which has students from the primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary classes is constantly evolving with professional performances in the school annual function. The school orchestra has won many prestigious prizes and awards. ‘Redix’, ‘Arohi’ and ‘Now and Then’ are college bands formed by the school alumni. They are successfully performing in various events. 


Earth First – the Environment Club

‘Earth First’, the Eco Club of the school strives hard to create awareness about our environment. Students are the future policy makers. With great energy, enthusiasm and diligence, the members of Earth First, with the guidance of teachers actively take part in activities chalked out for them.

The main objectives of the Eco Club are:
•    to motivate the students to know the environment
•    to create awareness on water conservation
•    to promote the ethos of conservation of various species of flora, fauna and soil etc.
•    to induce the students to create awareness among public – at local level and the locality
•    to sensitize the students to appreciate the rich bio-diversity of our country


Green Thumb – the Gardening Club

A patch of garden is allotted to the members of the Green Thumb where the students plant, maintain and harvest their efforts. They plant ornamental flowers as well as quick growing greens like spinach and coriander. The school proudly brags of a beautiful, well maintained medicinal garden which is the handiwork of the members of Green Thumb. 


Healing Touch – the First Aid Club

The main aim of this club is to provide first – aid during all school activities such as sports day, annual day and regular school sessions. The members of this club are trained to administer first-aid to the injured depending on the type of injury minor or major. They are then able to train their fellow classmates, family members on the art of first-aid. They are trained with simulated situations like burns, cuts, fracture, sprain etc.


Mathemagic – the Maths Club

Mathemagic, the Maths Club is not only for Maths enthusiasts, but also for students who think of maths as a difficult subject. The club creates interest in Maths through interesting and innovative activities for various classes. Here is a glimpse of the activities:

    Posters on Mathematical concepts
    PPT on Symmetry in Nature
    Geometric designs using string art 
    Collage on application of Maths in real life
    Models on Rotational Symmetry        
    Quiz Role Play of Mathematicians of the World               
    Symposium
    Portfolios on Mathematicians           
    Interview with mathematicians
    Group Discussion
    Time line Charts on Mathematicians      
    Reports on ‘My favorite Mathematician.



The members of the photography club prepared a photo story or photo feature on the following themes on Indian context. 

•    Temples                                                                                  
•    Monument
•    Street Scene                                                                          
•    Family
•    My School                                                                             
•    Children
•    Nature                                                                                    
•    Cars
•    Labour  at work


Rangnaad – the Theatre Club

Rangnaad focuses on integrative and holistic approach towards education and life. The members of Rangnaad takes up many socially relevant themes – Girl child, hariyali hai khushali, Shashya Shyamala, Road Safety - to be enacted as plays, skits, street plays and ballets. The club enhances imagination, improves observation skills, breaks barriers, and strengthens dialogue writing skills apart from improving tolerance. 


Srijan – the Hindi Literary Club

Srijan is the Hindi counterpart of Wordsmith. Srijan bring the language to the students and the members of this club are active in promoting the national language – Hindi. Competitions for students as well as teachers are organized on Hindi Divas. The club members have a bulletin board where they display their creative work.  Through the activities of the club, the students are able to enhance their literary and language skills by learning to - describe pictures, build stories around pictures, weave stories with proverbs, write letters and notices etc.


Techno Club – the IT Club

‘TECHNO TIMES’, is a newsletter whose layout, design and content are executed by the members of the Techno Club. The club members also are actively involved in the planning and organizing of Techno Fest – a two day festival of inter school annual I.T. competitions. Apart from this, the club members design pamphlets, certificates and brochures for the Techno Fest. They update the computer lab bulletin board, while designing and displaying wall magazines. 


The French club

The members of the French Club take part in inter school competitions and they have bagged prizes in interschool French crossword Competition and French Song Competition. The club also organized crossword activity and spell bee competitions to enhance the knowledge and pronunciation of French. 


The Heritage Club

Under the auspices of the Social Sciences Department, our school proudly launched the heritage club – “Sanskriti” – to not only bring the entire gamut of social sciences activities under one roof, but also to build up and preserve a necessary / proper record for display and reference, so as to bring awareness to more and more students about our rich heritage and also motivate them to participate in such activities held in the school in the future.
The younger ones did not hesitate to take the lead in the activity – “Exploring India”, wherein they were made aware about the length and breadth of the country and its rich cultural diversity. While some students volunteered to dress up like freedom fighters, others prepared and performed a melange of dances of various states and also took up the challenge to draw up menu cards about the delicacies of India. The junior wing did the entire school proud by celebrating the “World Heritage Day” on 18th April 2012 with full pomp and show to announce our commitment to join the collective efforts of the international community to protect and preserve the shared wealth of humankind.   
The Class V students were exposed to unravel the mysteries of the traditional pottery work of India as a potter was invited to the school for two days and the students witnessed the magic of giving life to mud as various shapes and designs were created out of thin air. The potter not only occupied the school’s central stage with his rotating wheel and other accessories but wholeheartedly conducted the envisaged demonstration-cum-learning workshop for the benefit of the young participants. The initiative was a huge success as not only many students took turns on the wheel to churn out various types of pots, some enthusiastic teachers also joined in and created some of the exquisite items from the potter’s wheel.  
The Class VII historians were taken to view the colourful light and sound show at the Old Fort entitled – “Delights of Mughal Monuments” under the expert mentoring of the school teachers. The young readers of text books became connoisseurs of Mughal architecture as they could easily relate to the magical interpretation of images formed by the interplay of colourful lights.
The Class IX scholars were delighted to fill-in the prescribed worksheets relating to their study tour of the Humayun’s Tomb, in the heart of Delhi. Out of the many students who were encouraged to participate in the CBSE Heritage Quiz Competition held at the G.D. Salwan Public School, Rajender Nagar, three students kept the school’s flag flying high as they reached the final level in the Zone.    
The entire school proudly participated in the unfurling of the National Flag by the honourable Principal on the occasion of the Independence Day as the theme of National Heritage was brought alive in a glittering ceremony. 


The Robotics Club

The Robotics Club of the school is the hub of all science lovers. The Robotics Club members are introduced to robotic arm and robotic vehicle. The students assemble the robotic arm and program a robotic vehicle.


Threshold – Fine Arts Club 

 The Art and Craft Club is responsible for introducing the concepts and basics of Fine Arts as well as fine tuning the talents and skill of the students. They are encouraged to experiment with their approach, use their knowledge about shapes, textures colours and tones of objects around them. 

The students enhance their creativity by learning the basics of graphic designs and typography which are essential in designing their portfolios, projects, assignments etc. Moreover, the Club prepares the students for further vocational / professional courses through assignments catering to design oriented professions. All these are supplemented with guiding students to prepare and take part in competitions to give them the much needed exposure.


Wordsmith – the English Literary Club

‘Wordsmith’ plays a big role in bringing English out of the traditional mould of the curriculum to the arena of creativity and imagination. The activities of the club include literary competitions like debates and declamation in the inter class, inter house and inter school levels. Spelling games like Spell Bee, Crossword puzzles, poetry writing, storytelling, building word chains, weaving stories around pictures, designing book jackets are some of the activities which span all classes. The highlight of the activities of Wordsmith last year was a play competition on the adaptation of ‘Bishop’s Candlesticks’ and a Radio Show on ‘Celebrating multilingualism’. Wordsmith also plays an important role in cross curricular activities like guiding students in preparing - reports on ‘My Favourite Mathematician’, role play of mathematicians, interview of a mathematician, etc. Language skill and expertise in expression are brought out while students prepare newsletters, brochures, and pamphlets etc. as part of activities of other subjects.


Yogi – the Yoga Club

Yoga is discipline of the mind, body and soul which is much needed for the students’ mental, physical and emotional well being. The Yoga club trains the students in the yogic practices of asanas and meditation to improve concentration. The school is proud of the achievements of the members of the Yoga club as they bring many laurels to the school by winning prestigious inter school, zonal and state level competitions in athletic, Artistic and Rhythmic Yoga.

The students are trained in different asanas and also Suryanamaskar. Interesting facts about yogas and physical fitness are periodically updated in a bulletin board by the club members. 

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