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Water – A priceless treasure, Save it with pleasure.
The Primary Wing of DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, SRESHTHA VIHAR celebrated World Water Day on 22nd March 2023 to draw attention and advocate the importance of fresh water and for sustainable management of its resources. Adhering to the theme ‘Be the Change You Want To See in the World’, students of Class I to V participated in various activities on 'Clean Water and Sanitation'. The young saviours took part in ’ Water Access Challenge- Limit Your Water Needs for the Day’, ’Awareness Campaign’, expressed their concerns through Poems, Posters and Declamation. The School Principal- Ms. Suhasini K. Nath congratulated students for their spirit and dedication to the cause. She urged students and the parents to value every drop of water and make every day World Water Day.


On 11th and 12th February 2023, under the guidance of our Principal Ms.Suhasini K.Nath, our students participated in an Environmental Landscape Competition organised by Indraprastha Horticulture Society during flower show. Students presented Landscape Sustainable Gardening as a part of their project 'Ecolution' ( समपोषणीय वाटिका ) and secured 2nd Position. They made the use of broken swings, pots and other recyclable objects to make the garden. Their presentation was appreciated by everyone as it took the environmental issue of sustainability into account. It focused on the various ideas like Reduced water usage, Minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides,
Use of green waste etc.
All in all the idea had certainly made a difference in the way we see our environment.

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