From arrival till departure of the students, the school takes the responsibility for their safety and hygiene quite seriously.

•    There are guards posted at all entry and exit gates at all times. 
•    The buses are fitted with GPS to enable the transport in-charges of the school to handle any emergency.
•    Record and attendance of students availing school transport are maintained by the Route In charges. All school buses are accompanied by an attendant. Attendance is recorded both in the morning and afternoon. Parents are informed immediately in case of any discrepancy.
•    Messages regarding bus routes are conveyed to parents through SMSs.
•    In case of a student’s absence from school without prior information, parents are informed through SMS. 
•    Video surveillance system with CC cameras at strategic points in school takes care of the safety.
•    Entry into the school is restricted. All the parents are given photo identity cards to enable the guard to identify and let them enter the school premises, if necessary. Students are never allowed to go out of the school without parents’ permission during school hours.
•    The School has procedures for responding quickly to situations like fire. Fire alarm systems are integrated to the safety communications systems. When the fire alarm bells/buzzers sound, the safety communications system broadcasts pre-recorded announcements through the overhead speakers to clearly direct building occupants. Fire drills are conducted periodically with plans and practice to evacuate the school in least possible time.
•    Correct behavior in an emergency situation is needed to prevent injuries and lifelong trauma. Directed evacuation (directing persons away from dangerous locations) and medical emergencies are important procedures which the students know and practice. The first-aid club of the school swings into action by creating awareness about the basics of first-aid to the students. Students are then instructed on how to handle small injuries/emergencies in school situations. This is followed by awareness about how to handle major injuries/emergencies in school situation.


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