Campaign on “Jane 8 peher ke Prehari ko”
Under the theme of “Unity”
D.A.V. Sreshtha Vihar, always strive towards holistic development of students, wherein molding them into responsible citizens and sensitive and empathetic human beings as a whole. We keep exposing them to several experts and place to know more about the world we live in. In sync with the objective to create awareness towards our tirelessly working Police departments, a rally was organised by and for the students of classes 9th and 11th in and around Sreshtha Vihar, Savita Vihar and Yojna Vihar. This was under the campaign “Jane 8 peher ke prehari ko”. It’s these professionals who work round the clock to keep us safe and peaceful. The students were also taken to the nearby Police Station, Anand Vihar, to make them aware of how our uniformed departments works tirelessly for us; the nearest amongst us being the police department. They spoke to respected ACP Jagdish Prasad, SHO of the police station Inspector Harkesh Gaba, ASI Ravinder Singh, ASI Ritul and several other authorities there and took an in-depth visit of the whole station and got to know about the working procedures of police. They also came to know about the tireless unexplainable 24 hr work commitment of our police professionals to keep us safe and help us celebrate our lives and live with ease and peace.
Seeing all this, our students were motivated and they promised to thrive for a better world with better law and order in place. Some were even motivated to choose similar careers to help build a better and safe place for all to live in.

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